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for equipping the church body to better serve

Churches and non-profits from 50 to 5,000 depend on Sunago to realize their vision.

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Under your Church's umbrella, Sunago Community provides a unique, intimate, and authentic space to extends existing relationships, connects fragmented missional opportunities, and help members better serve.
Keep Track of People
Sunago Core is an intuitive, powerful, web-based, database for your church leadership to manage groups, teams, volunteers, initiatives, membership, and people.
An Opportunity to Connect
Sunago, connects people to people, people to needs, teams to community needs, and encourages authentic service. Setting individual privacy is simple and intuitive.
Fully integreted, Giving simplifies all aspect of giving - oversight administration, reporting, member access and electronic giving via eGive.
About Sunago
Good Software Works Great software helps us extend our purpose and mission!
Sunago was designed around the specific needs of a rapidly-growing church in Portland, Oregon. We started with the basic needs for organization, communication, and collaboration, then began to dream - what if we had a better way to keep track of our members, form teams to work on specific missions, communicate with them, plan events, automate key processes, and build reports to help make important strategic decisions?

What if we had a private, community space for our members to come; extend/expand current missions (house church, volunteer activity,….); find and organize other misional opportunities; schedule events, and fundamentally help one another? What if we had an economically feasible way to allow parents to securely check their children into child care?

What if our database was fully integrated membership, community, children's check-in and Giving? What if our members maintained their own profile, review their donations and give electronically?
Why the Fuss?
Core, Community, Touch, Giving
    • Who has the roster?
    • How do we contact?
    • I left it at the church office?
    • Snow, service cancelled, how do we get the word out?
    • Who signed up for ?
    • Who’s sponsoring the?
    • Organization, Organization, Organization -- volunteers and staffing events
    • Who's on the planning committee?
    • Did we follow-up on?
    • How do we extend our community involvement?
    • Who else has pre-schoolers and needs?
    • Where can I plug-in/connect (small groups/house church/mission opportunity)?
    • How do I start a new mission?
    • How do we extend relationships within communities like small groups?
    • How do I sign up?
    • Organization, Organization -- volunteers and staffing events
    • Who's on the planning committee?
    • Did we follow-up on?
    • How do we improve children’s check-in security?
    • How do we contact parents, if a problem arises?
    • How do we keep track of who is which class?
    • How do we generate class rosters?
    • How do we make available emergency information to our kid’s church volunteers?
    • How do we update this information?
    • How do we track attendance?
    • Who are the volunteers for today?
    • How do we do all this for a fraction of the cost of other systems?
    • Is giving your administration reached a tipping point?
    • Who has the latest giving report?
    • Can you continue to rely on excel and email?
    • Is you accounting software capable of tracking giving activities?
    • Can you easily retrieve giving information at selected time intervals?
    • Just how much back office, giving data entry can be automated?
    • Will alternative giving options (internet, cell phone, ACH, Credit Card) create more opportunity for giving?
    • Can your members use your community site to review their giving? to give?
Making a difference
  • "Sunago allows us to better care for our volunteers, leaders, and the whole community. Sunago Core is one of the most important systems we have for staff and volunteer; they use it for general coordination, organizational communication, and overall access to vital member information. And it’s easy to use, so that all of our staff can use it with hardly any training. We have checked in as many as 250 kids in 4 services with Sunago Touch. The average check-in time for a whole family is less than 30 seconds. It allows us to keep our kids safe and not burden our teachers with checking kids in. Through Sunago Community we are able to extend ministry outside of the church office. Volunteers and people in the community are able to communicate, organize and coordinate with each other."

    -Isaac Hoffman, Pastor

  • "When we were finalizing plans to move into our new church building three years ago, we recognized that we needed a safer, more efficient children’s check-in system than the paper method we had been using. Because our staff was quite small and we had no IT resources, the new system also needed to be easy to implement and maintain. Sunago Touch was the perfect solution - a sophisticated computerized check-in system we implemented in one evening without any IT assistance. Sunago Touch is intuitive for families to use, and allowed us to check in more than 200 children across three services each weekend."

    -Sherri Oswald, Outreach Director

  • "Sunago is a very helpful tool in the beginning stages of our church plant. It enables us to care for children, families, volunteers, visitors... virtually any individual or group in our church community."

    -Pastor, recently planted church, Portland, OR

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How are people
using Sunago? How will you use it?
  • Church Leadership connecting internally and externally.
  • Reaching people.
  • Connecting people with missional opportunity.
  • Organization, Organization, Organization -- volunteers and staffing events.
  • Providing secure children's check-in and monitoring attendance.
  • Scheduling and tacking classes.
  • Extending Relationships within communities like House Churches.
  • Enabling member & teams to live on mission to their neighborhoods.
  • Automating key processes - membership, volunteer qualification, mentoring journeys.
  • Electronic Giving Periodic or Scheduled
  • Integrated Giving Administrator
  • Financial Stewardship/Oversight

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